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To: Congress

Fight to take back our reproductive freedom!

The recent decision in Alabama around IVF is disturbing and sets a dangerous precedent for IVF access across the United States. Even more than the issue of IVF access, this decision has the potential to become dangerous for anyone who may want a hysterectomy and any person who is considering birth control.

Our elected officials need to take action—just like many critical agencies and the Biden administration did in the wake of the Roe v. Wade decision—to protect our reproductive freedoms before it's too late.

Why is this important?

On top of protecting the reproductive freedoms of every person in Alabama, there's a moral duty to ensure that reproductive access continues across the United States, and this decision will not stay in a bubble.

Over and over, we have seen conservative state legislatures copycat one another’s reproductive health care policies. The outcome from this case will affect fertility treatments and reproductive health care across the country. Your personal beliefs are your own, but using your own individual ideological beliefs to limit the medical care and bodily autonomy for all is unacceptable.

This decision is based in an ideological and unscientific definition of personhood, and it will have long-term impacts if we do not fight back and reverse it soon.



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