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To: Parents of Findlay City School Students

Findlay City Schools Mask Mandate

Findlay City Schools Mask Mandate

As of September 17, nearly 58% of Ohio’s public K-12 students are required by their local school to wear masks in schools. On September 1st only 35% of Ohio students were required to wear a mask. This increase comes after Governor DeWine met with superintendents across the state to provide them with the information they need to get support for mask mandates from their school boards.

We all want our children to have in-person learning five days a week. While vaccinations remain the best protection against severe COVID-19 cases, masking will help protect those that can’t yet receive the vaccine and adds another layer of protection for those that have been vaccinated.

Findlay City Schools currently does not have a mask mandate in place. Tell our school administrators and school board that you support masking in school for all grade levels to keep our students, teachers, and staff safe.

Why is this important?

The mask policies are working to limit the spread. In Ohio school districts where masks are optional, case rates are higher than in districts that require some masking, and we see better week-to-week trends in schools where everyone wears a mask. Most importantly, there have been fewer quarantines in schools where everyone wears a mask, helping us towards meeting the goal of keeping Ohio children in the classroom.



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