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To: Georgia Department of Corrections

Free Rashod Stanley

Rashod Stanley was incarcerated in February 2016 on multiple accounts of unarmed robbery. He and an accomplice robbed several gas stations of cigarette lighters and cigarettes. He was struck by a police vehicle to stop him from running away which broke his neck and pelvic. He was hospitalized with no communication with his family. He was sentenced to 20 years to serve 8. He has currently served 5 years and has rehabilitated himself by designing clothing for his own clothing line called “The Trenches” while incarcerated. He has used prison scraps, bedding materials and just about anything he could get his hands on in the past to create his ensembles using only a paper clip and dental floss. He went viral December 2020 for his “The Trenches” fashion show video I posted which showed other inmates modeling clothing from his clothing line. He was transferred from Calhoun State Prison and moved to Macon State Prison and charged with an “attempt to aid and escape”, for making clothes for others, possession of a cell phone, destroying state property and given 9 months of solitary confinement as punishment. It was assumed the inmates could’ve walked away unnoticed in the clothing even though “Department of Corrections” was stamped on the back. No cell phone was found in his possession.
Tier 2 is a 9 month solitary confinement program for offenders who commit or lead others to commit violent disruptive predatory or riotous actions or who otherwise pose a serious threat to the safety and security of institutional operations. Not only did he not meet the criteria, this was excessive punishment and in violation of his constitutional rights. I felt it was also double jeopardy since he was previously disciplined for it. He ended up serving a few months in solitary confinement and moved to another facility called Hancock State Prison in Georgia so that he could hone in on his sewing skills per the warden. Hancock State Prison has a sewing program that makes prison uniforms and patches for the Department of Corrections employees. However, the charges given for “The Trenches” fashion show video was not removed from his record and jeopardizes his parole and it gives a bad impression to the parole board. We are very grateful for the early release from solitary confinement. God has given him a 2nd chance. Now we are asking not only for these charges to be removed but also asking for Rashod Stanley to be freed. He has learned his lesson and is now ready to move on with his life and be a productive citizen. Since the latest charges he has not destroyed anymore state property and now sketches his clothing idea designs. He mails them home to me and I work with a manufacturer in China to make his vision come true. He is determined to stay on the right path and hopefully be released sooner than later to a half way house program. Due to these additional charges, he’s not currently eligible.
The Georgia Department of Corrections was created for rehabilitation, so we are hoping they would consider this 2nd request.
Rashod has retained a civil rights attorney to file an 8th amendment violation 42 US 1983 civil lawsuit.This will assist with the incorrect process of how his appeal regarding these charges were handled. His attorney is very confident that laws weren’t followed and retribution is owed to Rashod Stanley. He filed a grievance and wasn’t allowed a 96 hour administrative segregation hearing per the Department of Corrections Standard Operating Procedure policy number 209.08 (IIBB09-0003). It was rejected as being filed out of time frame as outlined in GDC policy even though it was date stamped within the allowed time frame.

Why is this important?

In our last petition we requested the removal of the charges “attempt to aid and escape”, having a cell phone, along with removal of 9 months of solitary confinement for creating a clothing line while incarcerated and going viral. He was released from solitary confinement 6 months early however, the charges remained and does affect his parole. This is why this is important. His tentative parole date is April 2024.
Contrary to him making the clothes 10 months prior to these false allegations, the social media post shows the true intent for which they were made. If attempting to aid in escape was the true intent, then posting the clothes prior to an escape attempt would contradict that. The only thing my son is guilty of is altering state property and being overly ambitious and zealous in his efforts to rehabilitate himself so that he may become an asset rather than a liability to himself his family, and his community.
To learn more about Rashod Stanley please visit his webpage at

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