To: Jeb Bush, Former Governor

Gov. Jeb Bush: Support a Pathway to Citizenship

Governor Bush: Our community knows that a path to citizenship is the necessary heart of immigration reform. Please clarify your remarks and make clear that you stand with us and not anti-immigrant extremists.

Why is this important?

Jeb Bush used to get it. For the last few years, the former Republican governor of Florida has been a voice of sanity in his party. He's consistently made clear that the GOP needs to stop demonizing immigrants and get on board with real immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for undocumented Americans.

But in an interview this morning, he appeared to throw that all away -- saying that a path to citizenship isn't necessary for reform!

Jeb Bush is wrong, and we need to remind him why. Our community has made clear that immigration reform without citizenship won't solve the problem and we don't support it.

Use the form on the left to tell Jeb Bush: Listen to the immigration community. Immigration reform must include a path to citizenship!


Reasons for signing

  • Most US citizens are immigrants and the statue of Liberty still stands.
  • A path to citizenship IS extremely necessary. Ask yourself before making irrational statements....what would God want???? I don't think that we have a racist/bigoted/mean spirited God. Germany had Hitler. Here in Arizona we don't have Hitler but we do have Jan Brewer and I guess Florida has Bush/Hitler. You must feel very High and Mightly that you were born here. Very priveleged I must say.
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