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To: California Governor Gavin Newsom

Stop fueling forest fires with fracking, @GavinNewsom!

Governor Gavin Newsom must stop approving new fracking and drilling in California.

Climate change is making California’s forest fires worse every year. Meanwhile, Governor Newsom is continuing our addiction to fossil fuels by approving more and more drilling for oil and gas -- including fracking.

Why is this important?

Every year, California’s forest fires get worse as a result of climate change and our burning of fossil fuels.

As the planet gets hotter, California’s forests get drier. And when lightning strikes or humans make mistakes, the state is devastated. Tens of thousands have to flee their homes, with many becoming climate refugees. The pollution sends hundreds of thousands more indoors for weeks on end.

Unfortunately, while Governor Newsom talks a good game on climate, his administration continues to approve new drilling and fracking. We can’t fix climate change if we don’t stop increasing fossil fuel production and use.

Under Newsom, California’s oil and gas regulatory agency recently approved a dozen new permits for Chevron to conduct even more fracking in the state. Newsom has also approved drilling permits for more than 1,400 new oil and gas wells so far this year.

This is a reversal of Newsom’s previous decision to put a pause on fracking in the state. California needs to move off fossil fuels. But Newsom is continuing our addiction.

Meanwhile, California burns.


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