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To: NC Governor Roy Cooper

Hair Salons/One Client At A Time (Soft Opening April 27th)

Hair Salons/One Client At A Time (Soft Opening April 27th)

Allow for hair salons to have a “soft opening” on April 27th 2020. With this we will only allow one customer at a time for one on one contact, and utilize proper sanitation (like we always do), and taking extra precautions to keep us and our clients safe!

Why is this important?

We have received no compensation for unemployment yet, nor for loans. We still have bills, and families to support. This would aid us in keeping our households running, and our small businesses to remain active!


Reasons for signing

  • I need a darn haircut
  • Licensed cosmetologists are trained on sterilization and cleaning techniques as part of their education. Having only one client at a time and sterilizing between clients is sufficient. Most importantly, they’ve gone too long without compensation or unemployment benefits.
  • They are essential!!!


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