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To: President Biden

Hands Off Rafah!

The United States has been the main supporter of Israel economically, politically and militarily. 

The state of Israel has been the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid since its foundation receiving over $300 billion in economic and military funds.
Within the year of 2023, U.S military aid amounted to more than $3.8 billion, out of which half a billion was reserved for its missile defense program.
Most recently, the U.S. Senate approved $14 billion for military use alone.

It is within the power of the American government to stop Israel from continuing the mass murdering of Palestinians.

While completely condemning the events of October 7th and the atrocities caused to the people of Israel, it is also important to acknowledge the great suffering and human rights violations experienced by the people of Palestine from the Israeli government occupation and its military actions.

Despite international pressure to prevent an invasion to Rafah, Israel's seizure of Rafah crossing further signals the likelihood of an imminent and significant increase in the amount of violence and suffering inflicted upon the Palestinian people.

Rafah crossing has been a primary lifeline allowing humanitarian aid and transport of patients during the collapse of the healthcare facilities in Gaza.

The main hospital in Rafah, Abu Yousef Al-Najar, closed as
of May after heavy bombardment, causing medical staff as well as over 200 patients to flee.

Rafah is half the size of the city of San Francisco, but with a refugee population of over 1.4 million Palestinians, which is close to twice the population of San Francisco, out of which 70% are women and children.

An offensive in Rafah would be one of the greatest human massacres of our time funded directly by our tax dollars.

Please stop this incredible violence towards women and children, which should not be allowed at this time in our human history, by preventing Israel from any further offensive in Rafah city through the immediate implementation of sufficiently "effective" sanctions on the Israeli military to fully stop any further killings of innocent civilians.

Why is this important?

Since this conflict initiated, over 34,000 Palestinians have been killed, over 78,000 wounded, and more than 1.7 million have been displaced from their homes, out of which numbers and for all categories above, 50% are children and 70% are women and children.

The number of Palestinian children killed during this conflict since October 7th has been greater than the number of children killed in conflicts around the globe from 2019 to 2022 and it stands alongside the currently ongoing war in Sudan which began in April 2023, as it is also reminiscent of the killing rate since Rwanda in 1994 when comparing the total number of killed and injured civilians per day since the conflict began.

The attack on children and women of this conflict is atrocious. It should not be allowed at this time of our human history and must be stopped immediately.

Haaretz, Israel News, Monday, 27.05.2024
"ICJ: The International Court of Justice ruling calling to end operations in Rafah that risk violating international law is binding and must be respected, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said, adding that Germany supports reviving the EU's mission at the Rafah border crossing (EUBAM), which has not been operational since Hamas' 2007 takeover of Gaza.

  • EU countries will discuss how to take action to implement the ICJ's ruling on Rafah, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said, adding that "from now on I will never say Israel, I will say 'the Netanyahu government', because it's this government who is making the decisions that could kill the Palestinian Authority.""

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