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To: Governor Josh Shapiro and PA Leaders

Calling on Governor Shapiro and PA Leaders: Join the People’s Hearing on Climate Change!

We, the undersigned, strongly urge the attendance of Governor Shapiro and PA Leaders at the People’s Hearing on Climate Change, scheduled for October 2, 2023, at the Capitol in Harrisburg. This event presents a significant opportunity for you to engage directly with the residents of Pennsylvania who have been directly affected by the fossil fuel industry's activities and are now advocating for substantial action against climate change.

During this hearing, individuals from across the Commonwealth will provide compelling testimony, sharing their personal experiences regarding the devastating impacts caused by the fossil fuel industry. They will also discuss the extensive efforts they've undertaken to monitor and document these effects, detailing the climate-related challenges they've already endured and their concerns for the future.

The insights and perspectives that will be shared are of paramount importance and deserve your immediate attention and action. The People's Hearing coincides with the second day of the Pennsylvania Climate Convergence (, a gathering dedicated to addressing the urgent climate crisis.

Why is this important?

The People's Hearing is a vital part of this year’s Pennsylvania Climate Convergence, taking place as our climate clock rapidly counts down. By the time we convene on October 2, there will be just five years left to avert the most catastrophic consequences of climate change. The urgency of this moment cannot be overstated.

The impacts of climate change are not distant threats—they are here, affecting communities across our state. Pennsylvania's failure to take swift and aggressive action to transition away from fossil fuels perpetuates these problems. We urge you to act now, rejecting false climate solutions masquerading as progress.

This hearing should not be necessary. If you had heeded the voices of countless Pennsylvanians who have called for climate action—those who have met with you, submitted comments to DEP dockets, testified at DEP public hearings, written letters, marched, rallied, protested, and even risked arrest—you would have already taken decisive climate action.

Join us on October 2, 2023, and stand with the people of Pennsylvania in the fight against climate change.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver it in person to various offices in Harrisburg. We're designing a 5' engraved invitation to use during the delivery.





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