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To: Lake Olympia HOA

Help fight Lake Olympia HOA for suing the Alveys up to $10,000 for having pet chickens

Drop the litigation and fees

Why is this important?

Teddi Alvey, a mother of five, grandmother of ten and retired nurse, has kept chickens as pets for 45 years; first in Utah, then Arizona, and in Missouri City, outside Houston, since 1998.
Teddi along with many neighbors, including a FDC home have daily rituals that include these chickens. Children from this neighborhood all want to go to "Oma's" house to see these chickens on a daily basis. Neighbors taking care of neighbors and the HOA wants to destroy it. Not one neighbor has a complaint and the Alveys have had these chickens since they moved in this home in the 90s. The HOA back then said they were allowed to keep them as long as there were no roosters. 22 years later it is a problem with the new HOA.


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