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To: School District 49 Board of Directors

Help students with Autism receive the services they need

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

By July 1, 2023 school districts in Colorado must craft a policy to explain how a child with a prescription from a medical provider can receive treatment in school. This includes services from a private provider.

Why is this important?

Children are being denied medically necessary services in school settings. Children with Autism also face numerous challenges and ABA therapy in school often times are denied. The fact remains that children with Autism who need ABA therapy often times go without therapy or have to complete reduced hours due to conflicts with school. ABA therapy in school can help to remove behavioral health barriers, increase social and emotional relationships and can lead to life long educational and social relationships and can also lead to reduced medical costs.
Please help us to tell school board members in Colorado that these services are vital and the policies crafted should reflect the needs of our student population.


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