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To: California Legislators

Help the Mental Health Shortage! Support the Behavioral Health Workforce Revitalization Act SB964

Our behavioral health workforce is overworked and under pressure. With a shortage of school counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, peer counselors, and community health workers, the number of persons with mental illnesses who cycle between emergency rooms, jails, and city streets will continue to rise. There was significant demand for mental health services prior to the epidemic, and individuals were having difficulty getting them. Still, the pandemic has thrown lighter fluid on our mental health difficulties. Many people, especially children, have been affected by the pandemic's stress, anxiety, and trauma.

Why is this important?

Under SB 964, the California Community Colleges, California State University, and University of California systems would be required to develop accelerated programs for social work degrees, such as allowing students to combine their last one or two years of undergraduate study with their graduate work to complete both programs more quickly.

Senate Bill 964 by Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) would offer $37,000 in stipends to students pursuing a master’s degree in social work who go on to work in behavioral health at a public agency while creating a state fund to increase pay and provide bonuses for licensed professionals already working in the field. We must urgently restore and revitalize the behavioral health workforce.
Our most vulnerable will receive the aid they need with a rejuvenated workforce treated equitably and representing all Californians.


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