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To: President Biden

Declare a public health & national emergency around abortion, & hire federal abortion providers!

The Supreme Court held oral arguments on the future of mifepristone–a FDA approved, safe and effective abortion drug. The same justices who overturned constitutional protections for abortion in Roe v. Wade two years ago are set to announce a ruling in the coming months that could deal a devastating blow to our health care and bodily autonomy.

President Biden: Declare a public health and national emergency around abortion, and hire federal abortion providers to guarantee abortion access!

Why is this important?

Right now is a time that calls for bold action. And President Biden can step up to protect abortion, too—starting by declaring a public health and national emergency around abortion and by hiring federal abortion providers and dispatching them across the country. All of us must come together now, in solidarity with everyone who seeks abortions, especially our siblings in the nearly two dozen states that have and will ban and further restrict their bodily autonomy and access to abortion.

This will impact so many of us. This will harm and criminalize people who get abortions: women, trans people, and nonbinary people. And it will disproportionately impact Black people, Indigenous people, brown people, poor people, immigrants, disabled people, and young people who have historically been marginalized and faced with structural barriers, even when abortion was legal. That’s why, as a community, we have to stick together as we continue to fight for bodily autonomy and universal health care for all.

Republicans, who have won the presidential popular vote only once in the last 34 years, have engaged in a concerted effort to pack the Supreme Court with right-wing extremist judges, who have stripped us of our rights over and over again.

And it’s not just the Supreme Court. The GOP’s latest all-out attacks, from reproductive freedom, to bans on trans athletes, to bans on abortion at fertilization, to bans on gender-affirming care, are all about bodily autonomy–and are fundamentally connected. And Republicans have no intention of slowing down these attacks, so we have to lean into collectivism and fight back together.

This is why we must demand that President Biden use all of his power by declaring a public health and national emergency around abortion and hiring federal abortion providers and dispatching them across the country.

Now is the time to make sure that our elected officials receive our message loud and clear: We won’t go back.


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