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To: House impeachment managers and Senate Democrats

History Demands Witnesses: Tell Democrats to call witnesses in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump

History Demands Witnesses: Tell Democrats to call witnesses in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump

We must call witnesses in the impeachment trial before moving to a vote on whether to convict, such as:

- White House aides with the President on and around the date of January 6th
- People in the chain of command to the DC National Guard
- Senators and House members who played a role in the President's disinformation campaign
- Participants in the riot such as leaders of the Proud Boys and others who have claimed they were there on Trump's behalf
- Organizers of the rally and prior Stop the Steal rallies

Why is this important?

It is crucial- perhaps for the outcome of this trial, but certainly for the historical record- that the American public get the fullest possible account of the events that shaped the violent siege on our democracy on January 6th.

The video evidence provided by the House impeachment managers was powerful, but not sufficient. The managers themselves referred to multiple third parties who could be called, and to information that is still not available.

This is the first draft of history- we need the truth. Senators should demand witnesses, and make time to depose them and hear their testimony.


Reasons for signing

  • WE THE PEOPLE Deserve JUSTICE! And justice includes calling witnesses to the stand. NOT allowing witnesses is a sign of a cover-up. AGAIN.
  • It is necessary to hear from witnesses to hear the truth
  • We need to hear the voices of those who were victims of Trumps actions on January 6th including the rioters and the members of Congress and the other staff working that day. Trump cannot be given another chance to damage our country


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