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To: Ocean County Judicial Services

Hold Ocean County Jail Accountable for the Death of Keith Raymond Press

Ocean County Jail and Ocean County Judicial Services have a history of multiple suicide and overdose cases in the previous decade. Keith Raymond Press’ death and the actions that lead to his passing will not be swept underneath the rug. Justice needs to be served and accountability will be taken by the courts amongst other properties for the death of this young man. Keith was 21 years old. 

Why is this important?

I can’t go into complete detail since this is an ongoing civil rights investigation. What I will say is that Ocean county jail located in New Jersey needs to be held accountable for the death of Keith Raymond Press. Had the proper procedures been performed by the facility before, during and after his suicide, a life would not have been lost.

The Ocean County Jail previously underwent a $1.5 million lawsuit with an outcome of a negligence verdict. A scarily similar situation occurred with a man named Kenneth Conforti who failed to receive the proper resources and medical attention by the facility after committing suicide in his cell.

This is not about restitution. This is about justice. Every system has failed Keith Raymond Press throughout his lifetime.

A man is gone. There will be justice for Keith. Stand alongside me through this journey to fight a corrupt system. As long as we have each other, Keith’s memory will not be forgotten and his death will not go unnoticed. As always, keep your heads up. He would do the same for us, let’s do right by him. 



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