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To: U.S. Congress

Immediately investigate Scouting America for child sexual abuse claims

Photo by JV on Unsplash
Scouting America, formerly the Boy Scouts of America, is an organization with the largest number of instances of child sexual abuse in a single organization in U.S. history. With 82,000 claims of child sexual abuse against the organization, Scouting America is not a safe place for kids. 

As a congressionally chartered organization, Scouting America needs to be held accountable by the people who can demand justice. Congress needs to use its authority and responsibility to uncover the truth, hold those responsible accountable, and implement safeguards to prevent future abuse. We must act now to send a message that any organization entrusted with our children's care must be held to the highest standards of accountability. 

Why is this important?

Scouting America has systematically failed to protect children at every turn. The Boy Scouts knew about predators in their ranks for a long, long time. A 2010 civil lawsuit revealed that the organization for years had tracked suspected and known abusers but didn't consistently report them. Even leadership from within the scouting organization have begged lawmakers and the public to act. In a press conference detailing the ways in which Scouting America is unsafe for kids, Michael Johnson, former Scouts' Head of Youth Protection, called the organization and its programs "high risk." 

Yet, law enforcement and politicians have done little to support survivors and hold the organization accountable. And the consequences are devastating. Beyond the initial abuse, thousands of survivors have come forward and shared the impact of the abuse on their lives. From drug abuse to difficulty maintaining healthy relationships, victims of childhood sexual abuse may spend a lifetime healing from their trauma. NO child should ever have to go through this horror.  Scouting America, an organization meant to teach young people leadership and integrity, not only failed to protect these children but put them directly in harm's way.

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