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To: Chief Justice Stuart Rabner

Impeach Judge Marcella Matos Wilson

Judge Wilson repeatedly violates her oath of office to the State of New Jersey and to the Constitution of the United States and is willfully blind to her duties as a public officer. She has barred my access to my two middle daughters absent ALL AUTHORITY. One of my daughters is special needs and is sustaining chronic child abuse (medically substantiated). She begs for protection from her abusive father who threatens her with institutionalization when she asks for me. The destruction and pain to my family from Judge Wilson’s abuse is incalculable. Please sign this to help reunite my family and to protect a special needs little girl who keeps crying out for help and is IGNORED. Family courts should protect the children, not their abusers.

Why is this important?

Judge Wilson took an oath to protect the rights of the people. Instead, she maliciously and arbitrarily deprives the people of the very rights she swore to protect. The NJ Consitution grants the people the power. WE are the government and when it needs to be reformed, we petition for redress. There is no authority in our country that allows a judge to strip families of their Constitutional rights. My children and I have been separated for 16 months and the pain is indescribable. Failure to uphold and protect our rights will not be tolerated by the citizens of NJ. If Judge Wilson has exempted my family from the Constitution, anyone else’s could be next. We must send a STRONG message that NJ Judges who wage war against the Constitution and our families have no place in our courts. Silence is consent. Please sign. WE THE PEOPLE!



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