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To: Nancy Pelosi

Impeach President Bush for War Crimes

Impeach President Bush for War Crimes

I am a veteran who enlisted during the Clinton era and was honorably discharged during the Bush era. I did not support the direction of our foreign policies going into the Bush administration. I was honorably discharged in 2001. I initially took a lucrative job as a DOD contractor, but eventually I decided to give even that up because after 20003, I could not support Bush’s unconstitutional wars.
Numerous mainstream sources, including claimed that Bush was a war criminal. I do believe this was accurate and that Bush is in actual fact a war criminal. It was utterly disrespectful towards our military and towards active duty soldiers and veterans to make this claim but then to not put Bush on trial.
Bush used doctored intelligence to inflame tensions and goad the country into open wars that killed thousands of my fellow soldiers, that resulted in an epidemic of soldier suicides, that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghan civilians, that poisoned vast regions with depleted uranium and other pollutants and has resulted in an epidemic of birth defects among those populations. Bush also may have been involved in the outing of a CIA agent. Bush gave contracts to companies that benefitted from the disaster that had ties to his Vice President’s family. Bush also used quid-pro-quo to pressure other foreign governments in the region to go along with his wars that were a violation o the constitution.
To protest and oppose Bush for mere political reasons without putting him on trial or even investigating him, not only betrays our troops, but shows an outright hatred for our country, because it is treasonous to merely damage the country because one dislikes its president. President Bush needs to be impeached and put on trial.
Nancy Pelosi had the chance to do this when her party took the majority in 2007. She openly said that it was “too late” and that we should wait for the next election to remove Bush. But the current impeachment of Trump has now made clear that it is never too late. There is no statute of limitations on war crimes, which was the accusation that every returning vet of that era had to hear from numerous mainstream sources. Now is the time when we need to demand that justice is finally served and Bush is properly impeached and put on trial to resolve the question of how he fabricated intelligence that was used to start a war that drew such condemnation from your party. The choice is yours: were you condemning our troops, as Bush accused you of doing, or were you truly concerned about the illegitimacy of the war? There is no middle ground on this question.
While Trump has his problems and issues, any vet that came home during my era, especially one like me that was willing to give up a lucrative position to protest Bush, understands that Bush’s crimes are far worse than any of Trump’s. There are not thousands of dead soldiers, hundreds of thousands of dead civilians and a whole region poisoned with depleted uranium because of Trump’s tax evasions. Trump should be investigated. But to impeach Trump without impeaching Bush is to absolutely declare that political insiders, who have connections to the CIA can carry out crimes with impunity.
I demand that as we now make clear that presidents can be impeached after leaving office, that you begin drawing up impeachment articles for Bush. To fail to do this is to prove that you hate our soldiers and veterans and consider them expendable for mere political theater.
Thank you for taking the right and constitutional action,

Why is this important?

We must send a message that the law applies equally to all. Bush was not impeached because he comes from a well-respected family that has many connections within Washington D.C., within the CIA and within the intelligence community. None of these are excuses for war crimes. Did the allies decide that National Socialists who came from genteel backgrounds should not face trial in Nuremburg that same way that National Socialists from lesser backgrounds or from "nouveau riche" backgrounds did?