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To: Michelle Asha Cooper

Implement Teaching About Consent and Sexual Violence In The Education System

Implement Teaching About Consent and Sexual Violence In The Education System

According to our anonymous survey, 75% of teenagers have experienced sexual assault prior to turning 18 and 88.3% of this 75% have experienced psychological effects such as PTSD, hypersexuality, OCD and more as a result to this. To help prevent things like this from happening, we need to start teaching consent to children without necessarily mentioning sex. by schools advocating against peer pressure, teaching children about consent through books, and having middle and high schoolers learn about the effects of sexual violence, we can help lower the statistics.

Why is this important?

Spreading awareness about sexual violence and teaching children about consent from a young age is important because it is simply not talked about enough. As stated before, 75% of people become a victim before the young age of 18. Many do not realize what has happened to them until years later because the topic is never discussed and is treated as taboo.


Reasons for signing

  • education is essential
  • I believe something needs to change. Many kids suffer from being sexually assaulted, many kids can’t even tell when they have been really sexually assaulted. Spreading awareness about sexual violence should be taught in the school system.
  • Importance to spread the word


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