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To: Owners of INIC

Petition to Protect Benefits for INIC Teachers

We, the parents of INIC, are requesting an alignment of teacher’s benefits with those of Austin ISD and a confirmation of teacher’s tuition discount. Per the INIC Parent Handbook, many of INIC’s current policies are aligned with Austin ISD and we are requesting teacher pay and benefits also meet those standards.

We are opposed to the sudden implementation of any changes to benefits, without adequate time for teachers to financially prepare for the impact these changes may take on their livelihood. At minimum, we are requesting:

-Increasing pay for any teacher making below Austin’s current living wage ($20.80/hr or $43,264.00).

-Align sick day and personal days policy with Austin ISD (5 personal days, 6 sick days; 11 days.

-Guarantee full pay for non-holiday days for which the school is closed (e.g. Winter Break, Day after Thanksgiving, etc.)

-Removing the requirement of a doctor’s note for returning to work after a sick day.

-Guarantee a set percentage (%) discount tuition for teacher’s children attending INIC from the start of the school year.

-Align changes in pay/benefits with changes in tuition (minimum number of days notice). Require any changes in pay structure, discounted tuition benefits, leave benefits be communicated at least 90 days prior to implementation/requiring signature from employees.

Why is this important?

Given the increase of tuition for the 2023-24 school year for all students at INIC, it is important that our dollars are spent on increasing the value of our children’s education and improving the quality of life of our caretakers and educators. The undersigned support the above requests.



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