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To: Honorable Judge Kandice Pickett

A Heartfelt Plea for Jordan Ricks Resentencing and Early Release

Your Honor,

I humbly come before you today to request a reconsideration of the sentencing for Jordan Marktice Ricks. I believe in the power of redemption and second chances, and I implore you to suspend the remainder of Mr. Ricks' sentence with time served and grant him the opportunity for probation.

Jordan Ricks is more than a mere petitioner seeking leniency; he is a testament to the potential for positive transformation even within the confines of a correctional facility. Mr. Ricks has dedicated himself to not only repaying his debt to society but also uplifting those around him. His commitment to education is evident through his role as a tutor and aide in the GED program at Staton Correctional Facility. Through his efforts, he is guiding others towards the path of knowledge and self-improvement.

Beyond his role as an educator, Mr. Ricks has exemplified his determination by embarking on a journey of personal growth and creativity. His dedication to athletic training demonstrates his desire to foster healthier lifestyles among his fellow inmates. The fact that he is working on his autobiography and has plans for its publication showcases his aspiration to contribute positively to the world.

Mr. Ricks' ties to his family, especially his role as a father figure to his young nephew, cannot be overlooked. His desire to return to Houston, Texas, where his immediate family resides, underscores the importance of maintaining these vital connections. The foundation of his family support is crucial for his successful reintegration into society.

Moreover, Mr. Ricks' accomplishments as the founder of PlayerVu, Inc. stand as a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. His pursuit of advanced degrees and the licensing of his company's intellectual property signify his determination to not only better himself but also make significant contributions to the technology sector.

The initiative to establish the non-profit organization "Children Healing After Trauma" (C.H.A.T.) reflects Mr. Ricks' deep empathy and commitment to helping others overcome adversity. His intention to collaborate with the family of the victim involved in the tragic accident showcases his willingness to take responsibility for his actions and contribute positively to the healing process.

In conclusion, I earnestly implore Your Honor to consider the remarkable strides that Jordan Ricks has made during his time of incarceration. He has shown immense dedication to personal growth, education, and philanthropy. Granting him the opportunity for resentencing and early release would not only acknowledge his progress but also provide him with the chance to continue his meaningful contributions to society. I believe in his potential to make a lasting, positive impact, and I humbly ask for your compassion and understanding in this matter.


Why is this important?

A father, a mentor, and an innovator - Jordan Ricks' story is one of resilience and the fight for justice. In 2019, he turned to the Vestavia Police Department for help during a car trouble, only to face a harrowing ordeal: he was subjected to a brutal beating, rendered unconscious by a taser, and wrongfully arrested. The trauma from this incident left him scarred, haunted by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Fast forward to 2021, and Jordan Ricks found himself a victim of racial profiling once again by the Vestavia Police Department. The deep-seated PTSD, stemming from the 2019 incident, resurfaced and tragically led him to flee, resulting in the accidental death of Robyn Herring-Naftel. Despite the circumstances, he took responsibility for his actions and pleaded guilty to Reckless Manslaughter.

Remarkably, the forensic psychologist who diagnosed him with PTSD was silenced and barred from testifying during the trial. Alabama's stance on PTSD as "Diminished Capacity" denied him the chance to present his diagnosis as a valid defense. Currently serving a 17-year sentence, Jordan Ricks has been incarcerated for only 2.5 years. His record stands devoid of prior convictions, while his contributions as a respected mentor, coach, and teacher have made him a pillar within his community.

Notably, he engaged in the Black Technology Mentorship program based in Silicon Valley, both as a mentor and mentee. He tirelessly advocated for greater representation of Black voices and minds in the rapidly evolving technology sector.

Jordan Ricks' quest for justice and a reduced sentence is a plea for a fair chance at redemption. His story underscores the importance of signatures to bring him back to court, a chance to be heard anew. Let us rally behind this cause, helping him gather as many signatures as possible. In doing so, we contribute to a larger movement for justice and compassion.

Sign the petition today to stand for the rights of a father, a mentor, and an innovator who seeks a chance to rebuild his life and continue making a positive impact on the world.



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