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To: Georgia Department of Corrections

Justice for Inmate Rashod Stanley

Remove the “attempt to aid and escape” charge given to him along with 9 months of solitary confinement for creating a clothing line while incarcerated and going viral. This is torture and inhumane treatment. The point of rehabilitation is to come out better than you went in and stay out once you're released. Why is he being punished for doing something good and productive. They didn’t find a cell phone in his presence. I (his mom) maintain his social media. The posted video was old. I posted it in December 2020 and another one like it March 2020. He was punished in March and did 30 days in solitary confinement. The Department of Corrections S.O.P. (standard operating procedure) states that possession must be on one’s person, in one’s cell, immediate sleeping area, locker or immediate place of work or assignment. No cell phone was found. Charge code C-78 “attempt to aid in escape” states that any mannequin, dummy, replica of a human body or any item or device which would cause any offender to be counted as being present at the designated time and place when in fact he/she would be absent or in any way would aid or abet the escape of an offender. Clothes are meant to be worn, how would altering clothing cause an offender to be counted as being present when the offender would be absent and there has to be an attempt to escape for him to be able to aid in it. The clothing also have Department of Corrections on the back of them. The S.O.P. 209.01 attachment 4 (11/16/17) states that escape is an act that is considered to be an escape from within the facility as soon as the offender reaches the last line of security. If the offender clears the 2nd fence, then the act will be considered as an escape even if the offender is apprehended on facility grounds. How is he in possession of a cell phone when he’s being recorded in the video? Contrary to him making the clothes 10 months prior to these false allegations, the social media post shows the true intent for which they were made. If attempting to aid in escape was the true intent, then posting the clothes prior to an escape attempt would contradict that. The only thing my son is guilty of is altering state property and being overly ambitious and zealous in his efforts to rehabilitate himself so that he may become an asset rather than a liability to himself his family, and his community.

Why is this important?

It’s important because he’s currently locked in a system that said its purpose was “Rehabilitation” yet he’s being charged for actually Rehabilitating himself in that said system.



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