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To: Governor of Georgia

Justice for Rashad Jamal

To the Governor of The State of Georgia. It has come to our attention that Rashad Jamal, an inmate that’s being held at in Barrow Country Correctional Facility here in the State of Georgia, is currently being held without a Bond. He is the only person being held at this facility that does not have a Bond nor a set court date. A request for a bond was done on June 30th 2022 but to no avail, it’s is now August 29th 2022 and he still has no Bond or court date. We sincerely believe that the statue of limitations has been met and now Barrow County Government officials are blatantly breaking the Law. This is cruel and very unusual punishment and we have done everything possible in hopes that Rashad Jamal gets the fair treated that he so rightly deserves. Per the Constitution of which all Government officials who took an oath and are bound to uphold, Rashad Jamal not only has the right to a speedy trail but also has to right to know how he’s being tried (Article 6) of the Constitution and the right to face his accusers. Thank you for your time, we sincerely hope that action is taken immediately on this matter. Sincerely your WE THE PEOPLE

Why is this important?

United we stand Divided we fall. We need as many signatures as possible to help fight against the cruel and unusual punishment of Rashad Jamal. Let’s do what it takes to see that they either grant him a court date or free him.



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