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To: Because of Mr.Young we lost a beautiful and wonderful girl who had such a bright future. Please help Sophie get her justice.

Justice for Sophie

June 27th 2024 we all lost a close friend named Sophie she was so beautiful and kind hearted. But because of Mr.Young a PE teacher at Brawley Union High School, Sophie was in the second PE class of the day for summer school and she was running because Mr.Young had made her and a couple other students run extra laps for being a late to class (Sophie was not late to class that day she was there before a couple students who were late and were not made to run) she had asked Mr.Young if she could stop running and walk but as he always said “You have to run to pass my class” he would say that to anyone who asked to stop running or anyone who told him they don’t feel well. Sophie had continued to run as she was told to many students saw as she slowed down and collapsed in the gym, she ended up having multiple seizures. Mr. Young did not hurry to help her, he actually yelled at her to get up and keep running they another student had went to help her, after the student yelled for Mr.Young he went and grabbed Sophie by the arm to help her up but she couldn’t get up so he stood there hold her arm in the air like she was an animal or something. Luckily security came in and that is when Mr.Young started to act worried and like he cared, Sophie was still having seizures back to back. She ended up getting taken to the hospital a little while later. Sadly she passed while in the hospital.

Why is this important?

This is profoundly important, not just for Sophie, but for every student who deserves to feel safe and respected in their educational journey. By seeking justice for Sophie, we're not only honoring her experiences and validating her pain, but we're also standing up for countless others who may have suffered in silence. This action sends a powerful message that such behavior will not be tolerated, and that every student's well-being matters deeply. It's about creating a ripple effect of change, ensuring that Sophie's ordeal becomes a catalyst for a safer, more compassionate environment for all. By addressing this issue head-on, we're planting the seeds for a future where no student has to endure what Sophie did - a future where every young person can pursue their dreams without fear or hesitation. This is more than justice for one; it's a stand for the dignity and rights of all



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