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To: Calvin University Administration

Keep Kuilema

Keep Kuilema

Joseph Kuilema has worked diligently as a professor of Social Work at Calvin University for many years. He is consistently revered by students for his rigorous classes, and his caring heart. Students recently voted Professor Kuilema “Professor of the year” at Calvin University, and routinely say that his classes changed their lives for the better. Above all else, Joe Kuilema is one of the best examples of Calvin University's motto to “Think deeply, act justly, and live wholeheartedly as Christ’s agent of renewal in the world.” Professor Kuilema is not afraid to call out injustice, even when it costs him. He has consistently championed LGBTQ+ rights at Calvin University, and more broadly in Christianity, as well as fighting for racial justice in this country, and around the world. He does not shy away from history that is ugly, but actively teaches and discusses the brutal ways that our nation, and our community has treated marginalized people, and how we can do better. This advocacy is essential at Calvin University, but it is not without consequences for Professor Kuilema. In 2018, Joe Kuilema was denied tenure after being unanimously recommended for it. Though we do not know the exact details about why he was denied tenure, it appears to be tied with his advocacy of LGBTQ+ rights. Right now, Professor Kuilema is up for reappointment, a process that should have concluded months ago. Instead, he is still waiting for an answer about his career at Calvin University. This past fall, Professor Kuilema officiated a queer wedding for a former student and staff member at Calvin University. To read more about this, follow the link below. It is assumed that his involvement in the wedding ceremony has caused a roadblock in his reappointment.

We advocate that Professor Kuilema be reappointed to his job at Calvin University.

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3) Email Calvin University administrators listed below to voice your concerns with Calvin University’s discriminatory policies and practices. Tell them why it matters to you! If you were a student of Professor Kuilema’s, tell the administration why Professor Kuilema NEEDS to stay at Calvin.
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Why is this important?

Calvin University cannot fire Professor Kuilema over his support for marginalized communities. Professor Kuilema has shown time and time again that he is an excellent faculty member by caring for his students, and teaching them to think critically about the world around them. To fail to reappoint Professor Kuilema over his involvement in a queer wedding would be unfair and unjust to not only him, but the Calvin University community as a whole.

This petition was created by Calvin University alum, Nicole Sweda, and current Calvin University student, Isaac Seiler.



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