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To: Superintendent Donald Fennoy and the Palm Beach County School Board - Barbara McQuinn, Alexandria Ayala, Karen Brill, Erica Whitfield, Frank A. Barbieri, Marcia Andrews, Debra Robinson

Keep Masks in Schools - Palm Beach County

To ensure the safety of students, teachers and staff, masks should continue to be mandated for all who step on Palm Beach County school campuses until all children can be vaccinated and community spread of COVID is extremely low. Since all students will be required to attend class in person in the fall, social distancing will not be possible and masks will be even more essential to keep COVID from spreading in schools and in our community at large.

Why is this important?

The evidence is clear and the message from the CDC, scientists worldwide and doctors is aligned and straightforward. Masks prevent transmission of COVID19 as well as other illnesses (like colds and flu).

Children over 12 years old are recently able to access the vaccine but younger children are not. The universal masking policy should remain in place until all students have access to the vaccine and community spread is very low.

The rampant spread of COVID variants in our community makes masking even MORE important, as the variants are more likely to cause illness, hospitalization and death.

All masking policies must be enforced to ensure the safety of all on campuses and in our community at large. Without enforcement, any claims that the district has a mask policy are attempts to mislead parents, students and the community.

An outbreak of COVID19 in our schools would be disruptive to our children's continued education, potentially deadly for adults and children alike and will spread COVID into the community.

How it will be delivered

We will present the petition at an upcoming Palm Beach County school board meeting.



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