To: Christopher Cronen, ICE Field Office Director, Todd Thurlow, ICE New England Field Director, Rep. Elizabeth Esty (CT-5), Sen. Richard Blumenthal (CT-1), and Sen. Christopher Murphy (CT-2)

Keep Nelly Home!

Stop the deportation of Nelly Cumbicos, a Meriden mom who has lived in Connecticut for 18 years.  Nelly is married to an American citizen and has a pending path to permanent status.  Review her case for a legal stay and keep Nelly home!

Why is this important?

**UPDATE: The "Department of Homeland Security" has changed Nelly's deportation date to February 28th.

After informing Nelly on February 9th that she had been granted a stay- which would have allowed her to have her case heard in court, the "Department of Homeland Security" reversed it's decision and 4 days later gave a new deportation day.

The Department of Homeland Security is at it again. Nelly Cumbicos has never had a chance to have her case heard by Immigration. Nelly and her family just want her to have her day in court.

Nelly’s story, like so many immigrant stories, is part of what makes America resilient and strong. She fled Ecuador in 2000 under death threats and was captured and kidnapped by bandits, who then had an automobile accident with a car full of immigrants in the US. ICE sent Nelly to join her family in Connecticut with a promise to be in touch with her.

Nelly had no more contact with ICE until 2015 when she applied for citizenship.

In 2018, Nelly was given a deportation date.

Nelly is not a criminal. She’s our neighbor. She’s our friend. She is a kind and proud mother of a 15-year-old honor student. And Nelly is absolutely no threat to national security.

According to her friends, Nelly warms your heart with her smile and charisma. Her love is endless for her neighbors, friends, and family. Nelly is the first one to volunteer for cleaning duties at her church and provides food for Sunday service to nourish the members of her community.

Tell ICE and the Department of Homeland Security to stop destroying families!