To: Rep. Jim Himes (CT-4), Sen. Richard Blumenthal (CT-1), Sen. Chris Murphy (CT-2), and Todd Thurlow, ICE Field Director, Boston

Keep Nelson Santos Home

Nelson Santos is in end stage renal failure. He has a kidney donor, medical insurance, and a transplant doctor lined up. He's also a father of 3, including 2 minors.

ICE wants to deport Nelson to Honduras on Monday, June 18th.

Why is this important?

**UPDATE** Thursday, June 14th
Nelson received a 6 month stay of deportation this afternoon. This good news means that we can continue to fight to keep Nelson home! The bad news is the transplant surgeons will not give Nelson his new kidney unless he can guarantee to be home for one year of post operative care. The fight to keep Nelson home so he can get his life saving surgery (and live his life with his wife and children) continues! #KeepFamiliesTogether!

The brief history:
Nelson has lived in the Stamford, Connecticut for 30 years and is married to a U.S. citizen. He is a dad and a homeowner. Nelson’s wife Patricia successfully petitioned for him to stay in the US, but an ICE judge ignored the USCIS recommendation to approve his green card and wants him deported. 
In what seems like a never-ending downpour of anti-immigrant, anti-family sentiments and actions at the hands our government, this is yet another show of the inhumanity and callousness of ICE.
Nelson’s deportation order is a de facto death sentence. If he returns to Honduras, he will die. He gets dialysis in his home town 3 to 4 times a week- and this is what is keeping him alive until his transplant.
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Charla Nich, Gini King, Vanesa Suarez, Terra Martin-Volpe
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