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To: Residents of Stone Canyon Community and Carmel Knolls Community Park Neighbors

Lack of Full Public Notification/Discussion on Carmel Knolls Public Restrooms Construction

The residents of Stone Canyon Community and our surrounding neighbors are the primary users of Carmel Knolls Park. Our community was not adequately informed of the city's plans to build public restrooms in this "passive use" neighborhood park. Before the city moves forward with contracting the construction of these facilities it is important to have a full and meaningful dialogue with the hundreds of residents in the immediate vicinity who will be most heavily affected by the city's decision.

Why is this important?

The availability of public restrooms will create a significant change in the patterns of use of our park. While public restrooms are an amenity for those that need them, they also attract a well-known range of problems from substantially increased park usage and noise, graffiti, odors and cleanliness, loitering, potential drug use, and increases in nearby homeless encampments. There are many improvements needed in Carmel Knolls Park that are eligible for the millions of dollars of funds allocated for this purpose. We need to make sure these funds are spent wisely and where they will provide the most comprehensive community benefits for our neighborhood.

How it will be delivered

MoveOn petition page, door-to-door, text, and email.


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