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To: FOX NEWS and Advertiers who support the Ingrha show

Laura Ingraham Must Go

There should be no room for broadcasters as insensitive as Laura Ingraham.

We ask Fox News to cancel the Laura Ingraham show because using her allowed time she mocked and insulted Mr. David Hogg who did nothing to deserve such an assault. Mr. Hogg, who survived a horrendous attack deserves better.

If Fox New fails to cancel the Ingrham show, we ask all advertisers to remove the show from the list of programs they endorse.

Why is this important?

It is Mr. Hogg today, but it will be you tomorrow. This kind of behavior is no longer acceptable. The world does not need the likes of Ingraham - they represent yesterday.



2022-01-14 11:09:30 -0500

Please help advance H.R.586 Marshall Plan for Global Vaccine

Thank you,

2022-01-14 11:08:02 -0500