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Make UPS Deliver for Working Families

Tell UPS to pay living wages and create more full-time jobs for part-time workers. It’s time to end part-time poverty at UPS. Time and time again, we are seeing the horrible impacts that unchecked corporate greed has on workers. UPS needs to raise living wages for workers NOW.

Why is this important?

Did you know? UPS CEO Carol Tome made $19 million last year. A part-time worker who would have to work for 1347 years at $15.50 to earn that much!

UPS made over $26.2 billion in profits during the last years of the COVID pandemic at the expense of more than half of UPS’s 350,000 employees, who make poverty wages as part-time workers.

UPS, the largest trucking company in the U.S., pays part-timers just $15.50 an hour to do back-breaking working loading and unloading trucks and sorting packages. These jobs come with a lot of pressure, back-breaking work, harassment, surveillance, and getting injured on the job is always a looming possibility. UPS workers, and all workers, deserve better pay and safer working conditions.Workers' lives and livelihoods are not a game.

This is why UPS customers, workers and the public are uniting to make UPS deliver for working families.




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