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To: Tom McClintock

McClintock Disunity Campaign

McClintock Disunity Campaign

Tell Tom McClintock it’s time for him to be honest with us. Please sign our petition asking Tom McClintock to acknowledge that we just had a free and fair election, that there was no material evidence of fraud, and that we should no longer question the integrity of the election.

We the undersigned call on Tom McClintock to publicly agree that

* He accepts the assessment of the then-Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency that the 2020 election was “the most secure in American history,”

* He accepts the assessment of the then-Attorney General that there was nothing uncovered by DOJ that would have affected the outcome of the election,

* He accepts the rulings in over 60 court cases that dismissed claims of election impropriety, and

* He accepts the 2020 election as free and fair, and that Joe Biden was legitimately elected President.

Why is this important?

Tom McClintock continues to work against the best interests of his constituents. He's been a carpet-bagging representative for most of his political career and needs to stop lying as a political tool.

How it will be delivered

We will mail the petition, along with the names of signers to Tom McClintock's office.


Reasons for signing

  • It is beyond time to accept the integrity of the last election.
  • I am a constituent in Jackson. Congressman McClintock is my elected official. He does not represent reality about the election and does not represent my perspective as a constituent.
  • Tom McClintock is complicit in Trump's false claims of a "stolen" election, he's complicit in the attack on the capitol and attempted coup d'etat, and should be investigated for his ties to Russia.


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