To: McDonald's

McDonald's: Pay People Enough To Survive

Fight for $15

No one can feed a family on the poverty wages you pay.

For more than two years, fast-food cooks and cashiers have called for fair pay, and I stand with them. McDonald's workers deserve $15 an hour and union rights. It's time to pay your people enough to survive.

Why is this important?

The fight for $15 began two years ago, when fast-food workers in New York City went on strike for fair pay. Today, it's an international movement of tens of thousands.

We fight for a simple reason: we can't feed our families and pay our rent on minimum wage – we deserve $15 an hour and the right to form a union without retaliation.

We'll deliver every signature on this petition directly to McDonald's at their shareholder meeting in late May. Help us reach 1 million signatures by signing right now.