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To: Connecticut department of environmental protection fisheries division

New Regulations For Tiger Musky in CT

New Regulations For Tiger Musky in CT

Tiger musky a hybrid fish crossed between a northern pike and a muskelunge have been stocked in one of Connecticut’s public lakes. This petition strongly suggests a specific catch and release or large fish creel limit to be added to Connecticut’s fisheries fish keeping guidelines. Currently tiger musky are planned to be included in the northern pike and its hybrids regulation. These sport fish cannot reproduce so the keeping of them will reduce a population that does not sustain itself.

Why is this important?

These fish help control populations of pan fish that are destroying other fish’s reproduction. Fish such as the white perch eat bass fry and deplete the population. Tiger musky are apex predators integral to keeping a balance in their waterways. These fish cohabitate with pike populations and bring anglers to the area as a very desired sport fish.



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