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To: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

New Yorkers need rent relief now!

New York has become the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. As we're entering into the second full month of a shelter-in-place order and an unprecedented number of workers filing for unemployment, it's time to take decisive action to relieve their rent burden and put a moratorium on rent and mortgage payments.

As we are quickly approaching the end of Gov. Cuomo's 90 day eviction moratorium, with no clear end to the pandemic in sight, New Yorkers across the state need long-term rent relief that doesn't exacerbate their financial hardships and keeps them housed during a pandemic. Gov. Cuomo needs to support S8190.

Southside United HDFC (“Los Sures”)
St Nicks Alliance

Why is this important?

Because housing affects us all, we need a solution to the housing crisis that works for every New Yorker. State Senator Julia Salazar has introduced bill S8190, a comprehensive and a closed-loop commonsense rent relief bill for residential and small commercial tenants, small homeowners, not-for-profit affordable housing providers, and residential housing cooperatives.

Residential and small commercial tenants who can demonstrate any loss of income due to the crisis would be entitled to a 100% abatement of rent during the- disaster period. Small homeowners, not-for-profit affordable housing providers, or residential housing cooperatives that have lost 10% of their income due to coronavirus would be entitled to financial assistance to cover losses resulting from the pandemic.

With Senator Salazar’s bill, we can preserve affordable housing, and ensure a comprehensive Relief for All that will keep families in their homes and small businesses afloat.


Reasons for signing

  • Absolutely Agree!!
  • There must be a.
  • Because no everybody is working right now, and I'm not receiving any help, i own rent snd is not fear, to keep paying rent during this pandemic.


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