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To: Josh Shapiro

No Justice for Dimock. Make It Right, Governor-Elect Shapiro.

Governor-Elect Shapiro, on your first day in office, you must put a ban on drilling and fracking in Dimock, PA.

Why is this important?

The headline repeated by media outlets across the country at the end of last month was that Coterra (formerly Cabot) the driller responsible for contaminating the water supplies of people in and around Dimock, Pennsylvania, 14 years ago pleaded no contest to criminal charges and agreed to pay more than $16 million for a water line to provide water to affected residents and cover their water bills for 75 years.

Justice for Dimock... FINALLY, we thought.

Wrong. The Associated Press is now reporting that the Department of Environmental Protection "quietly lifted its long-term moratorium on gas production in Dimock" the very same day Coterra (Cabot) pleaded no contest.

The AP reports, "At the news conference, Shapiro punted a reporter’s question about whether Coterra would be permitted to resume drilling in the moratorium area, pointing out the administration of Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf was still in charge."

Not for long, Governor-Elect Shapiro.

As Attorney General, Shapiro came to know how badly the people of Dimock have suffered. As Governor, he needs to make right what the state has gotten so wrong and permanently ban all drilling and fracking activities in Dimock.

Read the AP's story here -

Demand Justice for Dimock.




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