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To: Craig Jelinek, CEO of Costco Wholesale

No more plastic water bottles Costco!!!

No more plastic water bottles Costco!!!

Dear Mr. Jelinek and board of directors,

While you may or may not still be aware of the fact that this planet is now overwhelmed with plastic, which doesnt break down for centuries and is increasingly taking up space on land and sea, to the detriment of all creatues living thereon, and you may not be aware that water can be procured easily from our own faucets and filtered for purity, therfor I do beseech you to please stop allowing ANY and ALL bottled water to be sold in your stores henceforth. Its extremely wasteful, unnecessary and even expensive to the consumers who may, or may not, grasp the facts that I've stated to you above. Please do the right thing for not only Costco, but the planet as well. Thank you!

Why is this important?

We need as many voices speaking out as possible to stop the waste being created on a daily basis at Costco. Plastic doesnt just "go away", and the fact that the manufacturers are not made to take responsibility for the trash they create is unacceptable anymore. Taking water from the earth, thereby depriving citizens of it, and bottling it to make a profit, as well as destroying the earth with plastic, is obscene and should be treated as such. Please sign and share my petition with as many people as you can, and lets see if we can change one thing that is wrong now simply by collectively speaking out! Thank you!



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