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To: U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives and President Biden

No to a National Abortion Ban!

The Supreme Court heard high stakes oral arguments regarding access to mifepristone—the abortion pill—and are expected to release their decision in the coming months. The same justices who overturned constitutional protections for abortion in Roe v. Wade two years ago are set to announce a ruling in the coming months that could deal a devastating blow to our health care and bodily autonomy.

And now the the GOP and Donald Trump are ramping up their attacks on abortion rights—and they have their eye on a national abortion ban.

Defeat all bills in Congress to limit access to abortion—including the push for a national abortion ban. We need to be expanding access to abortion as essential health care and codifying abortion as a fundamental right, and we can't let MAGA Republicans control our bodies and our health.

Why is this important?

Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, right-wing Republican laws have taken effect in state after state to ban abortion and criminalize those who seek and provide it. These harsh laws take away a fundamental right that had been guaranteed by the Constitution for nearly 50 years and fulfill an extremist vision of exerting control over our health, our bodies, and our autonomy.

As a result, pregnant people—many of whom already faced challenges accessing the abortion care that should have been their right—are forced to travel long distances to seek care, or to carry to term pregnancies that could be harmful or fatal. And we see these same Republicans seeking to jail and punish people in cruel and outrageous ways.

The Republican Party is now bringing these attacks to Congress, where their majority in the House of Representatives wasted no time in passing two anti-abortion bills. We know they won't stop there: They'll go after the right to contraception, limit access to self-managed abortion, and seek a full national abortion ban.

We need to stop them at all costs. Democrats in the Senate and President Biden need to take every measure to defeat these bills. More than that, they need to continue the fight to codify the protections of Roe into law—and do away with the regressive filibuster, if necessary, to pass such a bill in the Senate.

And as the House continues to vote on these bills, we need every member of Congress to hear from their constituents, to know that a vast, bipartisan majority of Americans support abortion rights, and that they will be held accountable for voting for any measure that seeks to limit those rights, including a national abortion ban.


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