To: Christian Anderson, Publisher, the Oregonian

Oregonian: Thanks for balanced TPP coverage

Communications Workers of America

Thank the Oregonian and encourage its publisher to continue to shine a light on secret negotiations that affect trade and jobs for all Americans. When The Oregonian printed my opinion piece criticizing the TransPacific Partnership, I was surprised and pleased. Normally, only one side of these corporate trade agreements gets published--the side that supports it.

Why is this important?

At a time when much of the media has bowed to pressure from the White House and kept a tight lid on discussion of the controversial and secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade agreement, the Portland Oregonian has been brave enough to shine a light on the issue.

By publishing my Op-Ed on the TPP (see:, Oregonian publisher Christian Anderson has demonstrated his respect for the principles of objective journalism, and his willingness to foster an open and public dialogue on local, national and international issues of importance to his readers. I would like to thank him, to encourage him to continue this noble effort, and to encourage other newspapers to follow his example.