To: The California State House and The California State Senate

Pass the California DISCLOSE Act now!

California State Senators and Assemblymembers: Vote Yes on the California DISCLOSE Act, SB 52.

Why is this important?

California can strike a blow against Citizens United by passing the California DISCLOSE Act, a bill that would shine a bright light on the shadowy interests who depend on secrecy to influence elections.

The California DISCLOSE Act (Senate Bill 52, Leno-Hill), sponsored by the California Clean Money Campaign and endorsed by Progressives United, local counsels, and over 100 other organizations, would mandate clear and prominent disclosure of who is behind political TV, radio, print, and mass mailer ads -- on the ads themselves. SB 52 will stop special interests from hiding behind fake committee names by requiring ads to show their actual original contributors.

Giant corporate interests are trying to kill SB 52. Join the California Clean Money Campaign and Progressives United by signing our petition to urge state legislators to pass the California DISCLOSE Act today.