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To: Congress

Pass the Ultra-Millionaire Tax NOW!

Americans paid more than $2.8 TRILLION in income tax last year. Our outdated tax system only looks at income and doesn’t tax wealth—meaning the ultra-rich are paying a lot less than everyday families.

Enough! It’s time to fix our broken system and make sure that the ultra-rich are paying what they owe, like the rest of us. Tell Congress to pass the Ultra Millionaire Tax Act NOW!

Why is this important?

The wealth gap in America is getting wider and economic inequality in our country is getting worse. As wages stagnate and costs of living rise, everyday people are struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile, greedy and corrupt Republicans in Congress divert taxpayer dollars away from the social programs we desperately need—like public education, health care for all, housing, paid family and medical leave, public transportation, and more.

The reality is that we have enough resources in America to fully fund our communities—but only if everyone pays their fair share. Right now the top richest families are projected to owe 3.2% of their wealth in federal, state, and local taxes this year—while the bottom 99% are projected to owe 7.2%. That is unfair and has to change.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representative Pramila Jayapal, and Representative Brendan Boyle have a plan: The Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act. The bill is projected to bring in $3 TRILLION in revenue over 10 years, without raising taxes on households with a net worth below $50 million.

The current tax system is rigged to benefit the wealthy few, and they’ve been exploiting the system in their favor for decades. Together, we can rewrite the rules to finally make our system more fair and equitable. And by demanding the ultra-wealthy pay what they owe, we can fully invest in working families who are the foundation of our economy and country.



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