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To: Our Scituate neighbors, dog walkers, families of Cushing, Gates and SHS students, Gates and SHS student athletes, nature lovers, Scituate Board of Selectmen, Scituate School Committee, Scituate Town Administrator

Path between Cedarwood/Utility and Aberdeen

Path between Cedarwood/Utility and Aberdeen

The town path between Cedarwood/Utility Rds and Aberdeen is aging and in disrepair. It needs to be repaved or built up to prevent portions of it from becoming muddy with heavy rains. The path is so old that the town seems to have no record of its creation. We'd like to obtain a CPC grant to support this endeavor.

Why is this important?

I am a parent of two students at Cushing Elementary (and two children who are future attendees of Cushing Elementary). Families in our neighborhood (along with families on First Parish and Country Way) use the path to access the high school sports complex and to walk to Cushing Elementary. We are too close to the school to quality for free busing, yet if the path didn't exist, our only way to walk to school puts young children on sidewalks within feet of busy roads.

The path that connects Cedarwood/Utility to Aberdeen provides a safe way for residents to access the HS sports complex, Cushing school and provides shaded passage for walking and recreation. The path is a scenic wooded trail through wetlands and is an opportunity for residents to travel around Scituate by foot or by bike. Over the past several decades, the SHS cross country team has utilized this path for practices and for races. I've been told that the condition of the path is too poor for their continued use. The path is on town property and loosely maintained by the town of Scituate. It is plowed in the winter and mowed in fall and spring. Repaving this path ensures that children can safely walk and bike to school and older and younger residents alike can enjoy this route and move about town without walking along a main road.

Please ask your friends and neighbors to support the reconstruction of this path.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be delivered as documentation for a CPC grant and will be presented to various committees and groups around town.



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