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To: Governor Shapiro, State Legislators

Pennsylvania Needs an Aggressive Climate Action Plan

This summer's deadly floods, wildfire smoke, and drought conditions are climate change's calling cards.

On July 22, the climate countdown clock ticked down to less than 6 years left to act if we are to avoid 1.5C degrees of warming.

Pennsylvania is making an outsized contribution to the climate crisis as the second biggest methane gas producing state. We all need to rein in consumption of fossil fuels, but in Pennsylvania we need to do more.

Governor Shapiro, Legislators, we demand the implementation of an aggressive action plan to transition away from greenhouse gas production.

Why is this important?

As the climate crisis intensifies, so too will the impacts to all of Pennsylvania's communities, but especially to those that have been suffering disproportionately at the hands of polluting industries for generations.

In fact, experts like Pennsylvania's Dr. Michael Mann have been warning us for years that conditions will only get worse, that there is no "new normal."

And since what happens in Pennsylvania doesn't stay in Pennsylvania, our outsized contribution to the crisis will impact everyone.

Nothing is going to improve without aggressive action by our state government.

Nothing is going to make state government act without pressure from all of us.




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