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To: All Big Pharmaceutical Companies

Petition to get Medication for free for ALL Cardiac patient's!

Petition to get Medication for free for ALL Cardiac patient's!


My name is Kayla Stratton. I live in a small town in Virginia. I have 2 children, one of which, had to go through open heart surgery at 4 months old! (That's actually MY child in the picture!) I have since joined the Mom's of Heart Warriors Community. I have seen these things happen way to often where the infant/toddler/child needs a life saving medication and the insurance not cover it! As parents of these children, we go through enough, we should NEVER have to worry that our child will not get the medicine they need to stay ALIVE once discharged simply because insurance refuses to pay and we can not afford it out of pocket! Example: I've seen a Mother in a panic, because her infant had open heart surgery and needed a medication for Pulmonary Hypertension, Blood Thinners, or Fluid Medication after the surgery, but insurance refused. These medicine's can be $3,000-$6,000, sometimes more, for ONE MONTH! NO ONE I know can afford that out of pocket! We need a change and we need it NOW!

Why is this important?

Because no parent of a child who has ALREADY been through Open Heart Surgery should have to worry if their child will survive after discharge because insurance will not pay for the medicine and they can not afford THOUSANDS or more for one month of one medicine!



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