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To: The parents and students of the Kirksville community

Petition to have Ethan Gabel reinstated as head coach of the Kirksville Cross Country Team

The problem is that Ethan Gabel has been relieved of his position as head coach of the kirksville cross country team. He should have never lost his position as head coach, he loves the job more than anything and has given his all to the team. The amount of trophies and plaques in his classroom are proof of his efforts. He needs to be reinstated as head coach, without him the team could fall apart and will most definitely be much worse off. With him as head coach the team has won plenty and I’m sure they will continue to win more if he is reinstated.

Why is this important?

One of the communities greatest teachers and coaches is losing one of the things he loves most. Ethan Gabel was recently made aware of the fact that he would no longer be allowed to coach the kirksville cross country team. This is wrong. As a member of the team he always made me feel welcome, he was rough on us because he wanted us to be great athletes but that doesn’t change the fact that you could see he cared. He helped teach us to sort out our differences and move forward as a team. He makes cross country what it is in kirksville. Having him lose his position as coach is only going to hurt us all. If the team doesn’t get him back as head coach it simply will never be the same.



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