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To: Students

Petition to Support Dr. Sherrell Luckett's Appointment

We, the undersigned students, strongly support the appointment of Dr. Sherrell Luckett at our university and request transparency regarding the circumstances that led to her exclusion from the fall quarter.

Why is this important?

We, the students of Northwestern University have been disheartened by the news that Dr. Sherrell Luckett will not be joining our academic community in the upcoming fall quarter. As students who recognize her exceptional qualifications and contributions to the field of drama and performance studies, we believe it is imperative to understand the reasons behind this decision and explore potential avenues for rectifying the situation.

Dr. Luckett's impressive credentials are undeniable. With her distinguished position as the founding Director of the Black Acting Methods Studio and the Director of the Helen Weinberger Center for Drama and Playwriting at the University of Cincinnati (UC), she brings a wealth of expertise and experience to our institution. Her numerous affiliations and collaborations, both within and outside UC, highlight her dedication to interdisciplinary approaches and the pursuit of excellence. Her influential residencies at esteemed institutions like the Lincoln Center, Harvard University, and 92Y further demonstrate her impact on the arts and scholarship.

We, the students of Northwestern University, firmly believe in the importance of transparency and fairness in our academic community. Therefore, we request that the university administration provide us with a clear explanation of the circumstances that led to Dr. Luckett's exclusion. We deserve to know why a highly qualified and respected individual has been denied the opportunity to contribute to our learning environment.

By signing this petition, we express our support for Dr. Sherrell Luckett's appointment and urge the university administration to address our concerns promptly. We believe that a thorough investigation into this matter will not only promote transparency but also ensure the inclusion of exceptional scholars within our academic community.

How it will be delivered

Email Chair of Theater, Associate Dean and Dean


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