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Please review all convictions related to the possession of cannabis, including convictions for misdemeanor possession of cannabis and certain convictions for misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. 

The future of our Black, Brown and poor constituents needs this.  The criminalization of recreational marijuana use has for decades harmed our communities.

A criminal conviction has serious long-term impacts, such as housing employment barriers, and once the incarcerated individual is released they lack the ability to obtain employment. The Justice system most times is systemically hypocritical, leading to mass incarceration of Black Americans. 

Your attention to this urgent matter would correct the injustice, resulting in a fair system of justice and equal opportunity. I know and have seen the significant hardships these convictions impose on individuals and communities. 

I have operated a prison ministry for over 20 years, "Iammybrotherskeeper Prodigal Sons Ministry" and have witnessed many returning home devastated, while trying to obtain their basic livelihood and the crushing effect due to their convictions.  Governor Shapiro, please use your Executive Order and pardon the Pennsylvanians frivolous marijuana charges.  A perfect time such as now to warrant it.  

Thank you 

Mildred Dixon 
Prodigal Sons Ministry 
[email protected]

Why is this important?

Please join me we all know in the 1980's the "war on Drugs" meant war on Black Americans.  Most of the men I counsel up state are from that era.  Sentenced 15-25 years for marijuana. Today their are marijuana distributors on nearly every corner.  Pardoning individuals who were unfairly treated by the criminal legal system, the government acknowledges harms of an unjust system, takes a positive step to rectifying errors and removes barriers to employment, housing and other basic needs of those plagued with a criminal history.

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