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To: San Rafael Chief of Police David Spiller and DA Lori Frugoli

Police Brutality in San Rafael - Fire Them

Marin residents will not tolerate police brutality.

On July 27, 2022, San Rafael police officer Daisy Mazariegos questioned a Latino man drinking a beer in the Canal neighborhood.

Subsequently, officer Brandon Nail harassed and beat the man, who was unarmed and cooperative.

This is an example of institutional power run amok.

Both officers must be fired immediately. In addition, Officer Brandon Nail should be charged with assault.

The Sergeant who on tape condoned the action by saying, “You're giving me great experience with use of force, dude" also needs to be fired.

We call on DA Frugoli to file criminal charges against these officers.

Please watch the video here
Caution - images are disturbing

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Why is this important?

San Rafael Police department used “Excessive Force” on an unarmed and cooperative man. We need to speak up against institutional power. This is what the community does in such a circumstance

How it will be delivered

In person to Chief Spiller and DA Frugoli




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