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To: President Joe Biden

President Biden: End Trump's reprehensible landmine policy!

President Biden: End Trump's reprehensible landmine policy!

The Trump administration’s decision to end prohibitions on anti-personnel landmines was egregious and dangerous.

On the campaign trail, you committed to “promptly roll back this deeply misguided decision,” but the fact that the policy has remained unchanged nearly 100 days into the new administration — combined with recent statements from the Pentagon that landmines are “vital” — has people around the country concerned about this commitment.

These reprehensible weapons cause untold destruction for decades after they’ve been deployed. It is an unconscionable decision to continue to use them as part of military operations, and we call on you to urgently make clear in policy the commitment you made on the campaign trail to ban landmines immediately.

Why is this important?

Landmines don’t understand a ceasefire. That means, even years after hostilities have ended, they can be triggered by a cow or a child and explode everyone and everything within a 27-meter radius.

It’s a no-brainer that these abhorrent weapons should’ve NEVER gone into the ground in the first place. On the campaign trail, President Biden agreed, stating a commitment to "promptly roll back Trump’s deeply misguided decision" to continue their use. But the toing and froing since he’s taken office is not a great sign. That means we need to get LOUD to tell him that we demand an end to the use of landmines — for good.

Will you add your name demanding President Biden end Trump’s reprehensible landmine policy?


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