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To: President Biden

President Biden: Honor your campaign promise and BAN landmines.

To President Biden:

The Trump administration’s decision to end prohibitions on anti-personnel landmines was egregious and dangerous. On the campaign trail, you committed to “promptly roll back this deeply misguided decision,” but failing to do so — nearly a year into your administration — leaves us questioning your commitment.

I urge you to make good on your campaign promise and ban landmines immediately.

Why is this important?

Landmines are brutal, horrific, and extremely imprecise. But a Trump-era policy removed prohibitions on these weapons, enabling their use worldwide.

It remains the policy to this day, even under President Biden, who promised to "promptly roll back this deeply misguided decision" if elected.

We're not afraid to call this what it is: a broken campaign promise. When President Biden reneged on his pledge to raise the refugee admissions cap, we organized at every level and, through the power of collective action, got him to make good on his word. And that's exactly what we must do now.

President Biden can undo this disastrous policy with the stroke of a pen — but not unless we build enough momentum to push him to do it.



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