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To: Congress

Prevent a coup d'etat in the Electoral College

Prevent a coup d'etat in the Electoral College

Congress must insist that all electors from all states have their votes counted, that faithless electors will not be tolerated, and clarify the provisions of the Electoral Count Act so that the election of the next POTUS is orderly and in accordance with the will of the people.

Why is this important?

Despite a decisive win by Biden and Harris, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is promising that Trump will serve another term. This threat to our democracy needs to be taken seriously.

How could a second term for Trump be achieved? Recounts and lawsuits won’t change the results. The only real path is to discredit state elections in order to justify rejecting electors so that Trump will have a majority in the Electoral College. It seems far-fetched, but so was a Trump presidency in the first place. This threat cannot be ignored.

We cannot trust that precedent, civility and law will rule the day.

The plan to steal the presidency seems to be proceeding, with both Senators from Georgia baselessly declaring their states election to be invalid.

Will this libel give Mike Pence, as President of the Senate, the cover he will need to simply reject Georgia's electors? If so, why not Pennsylvania as well and so on?

So much seems to ultimately hinge on the Electoral Count Act, which according to wikipedia "invites misinterpretation" and whose "central provisions of the law have not been seriously tested in a disputed election".

I urge you to take steps to prevent what is clearly an attempted coup. Insist that all electors must be counted, and faithless electors will not be tolerated.


Reasons for signing

  • Don't allow Trump to trample our democracy!
  • Elections have consequences


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